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Elsie's sire on the left and her dam on the right. Elsie is a half sister to our AKK Mika. They have the same mom.

Elsie is a beautiful AKK female. She is pictured at 14 months old above on 4-13-16 and is a mini weighing 15 lbs. Her left eye is blue and her right eye has a speck of blue in it.

Pictured above with Kino, our male AKK.

Here's Elsie on Sept 8th 2016 at 19 months old. She whelped her first litter on Sept 16th 2016.

Elsie's 1st litter

Here's Elsie on March 18th 2017. She had 3 puppies 3 days after these pics.

Elsie's 2nd litter